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Why you should not join a Growth Stage Start-up…

Having done 2000+ final round interviews (for shortlisted candidates) in the last 3 years, we have had several discussions with candidates who eventually chose not to join uTrade. We are trying to recap their reasons, and this may help anybody who is considering joining any professionally run growth stage start-up, including uTrade.

1. Life is unpredictable – we don’t do same things for too long. If you are looking for same style of work for long periods and only glacially slow changing environment, you should not join us. We don’t stay in comfort zone for too long.

2. We don’t work on clear specifications – Unlike tons of services firms who get clear requirements from their clients; we end up imagining what future products the world should have, then build those and figure out the unknowns along the way. It’s a downside of working for an innovative product company.

3. It’s a 9 to 5 job – literally we may have worked from 9am to 5am at times. If you prefer an easy swipe in and swipe out job for 8 hour shifts, its best to continue elsewhere.

4. We pay competitive cash salaries and equity in the company – If you are looking for a 30/50% hike on your current compensation, and that’s all you care about, I will discourage you to apply for a growing start-up. Unfortunately growth stage firms offer equity in the company, and learning experience over and above any cash compensation you can get in larger firms.

5. We don’t use easier pre-built programming languages – we work on traditional build from scratch software languages that give you the flexibility and scope needed in large scale enterprise software.

6. We don’t have a dress code – If you like to dress up in suits or anything formal, you will feel out of place at uTrade. We do not have dress code and most team members chose to dress up in casual clothes.

7. We don’t have shortcuts to success – The only way you succeed at uTrade is by working hard and smart.

8. We do not operate in large busy metro city – Sadly we do want to focus on our quality of life, and not spend hours commuting to work, and enjoy living in the cleanest city of India near the foothills of Himalayas.

9. Everyone Matters – everyone in our team gets a major role, significant responsibilities and authority to deliver their work in an entrepreneurial fashion. If you prefer to work for companies where nothing changes whether you turn up to work or you don’t, then please continue there.

10. Whatever it takes – We collectively decide together whatever needs to happen, and do whatever it takes to get it done.

11. We don’t manage – life is too short to waste in management which is an overrated concept anyways. We prefer to work with self driven people who need little mentor-ship and guidance only, but no hands on management.

Good luck.

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