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Podcasts featuring Kunal

Challenging the Concepts of Space & Time to Understand Consciousness | Small Talk Series Ep 1

In the first episode of the Small Talk Series (Mindscapes), Partho and Kunal take a deep dive into the mysteries of consciousness and the universe. This engrossing discussion explores the limitations of science when confronted with concepts beyond space and time, such as quantum realms, spirituality, and mysticism.

The Deep Personal Quest to Find One's True Self | Dialogues on Self Inquiry Ep 1

Join Partho and Kunal in this enlightening first episode of Dialogues on Self Inquiry, discussing the uniqueness of everyone's spiritual path and destiny. They talk about Sri Ramana Maharshi's method of self-inquiry, focusing on tracing everything back to its source, and delve into the critical question, 'Who am I?'

How AI Consciousness May Evolve & Be Different From Human Evolution | Techtopia Talks Ep 7

In episode 7 of Techtopia, Kunal and Partho discuss the speculative yet fascinating realm of AI and consciousness. They explore the concept of consciousness across different layers - human, intra-human, and supra-human, questioning the traditional boundaries of sentience.

Can We Preserve the Essence of Humanity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence? |Techtopia Talks Ep 6

Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation between Kunal Nandwani, the author of 'Techtopia', and renowned educator Partho as they explore AI's future and progress. They critique the prevailing short-term mindset in today's corporate and governmental spheres and discuss the transformative potential of AI, likening its impact to that of the Industrial Revolution, but with a focus on augmenting human intelligence.

Can AI or Machines Become Conscious? | Techtopia Talks Ep 5

Join Kunal Nandwani in a thought-provoking discussion with Partho in Techtopia Talks Episode 5. In this episode, they delve into the fundamental question of what it means to be conscious for humans, setting the stage for a deep exploration of AI consciousness. They also discuss the recent advancements in artificial intelligence and what we can expect in the coming times.

What's New in AI? 🚀 How Humans & AI Perceive Manipulation, Wisdom & More | Techtopia Talks Ep 4

In the latest episode of Techtopia Talks, Partho and Kunal Nandwani discuss the most recent developments in Artificial Intelligence. As Kunal states, the developments in AI over the past couple of months are equivalent to half a decade of developments in the pre-AI era - such is the difference in pace.

Humans Must Evolve Spiritually in the Artificial Intelligence-driven World | Techtopia Talks Ep 3

In this episode of Techtopia Talks, Partho, a seasoned educator and writer, engages in a deep conversation with Kunal Nandwani, the author of 'Techtopia'. Together, they delve into the profound changes Artificial Intelligence is set to bring to the educational landscape. A key insight they discuss is the shift from standardisation to customisation in education.

The Impact of AI, Changing Relationships & Where the World is Headed | Techtopia Talks Ep 2

Join Kunal Nandwani and Vivek Atray in Episode 2 of Techtopia Talks as they delve into the rapid rise of AI and its impact on our lives. Discover how AI is changing our daily routines, reshaping relationships, and explore the relevance of a book like 'Techtopia' in today's day and age

Kunal Nandwani & Partho on Artificial Intelligence, Spirituality & Our Future | Techtopia Talks Ep 1

In this engrossing conversation, Kunal Nandwani and Partho delve deep into humanity's digital future, exploring whether our 'Techtopia' is a utopian dream or a dystopian nightmare. As we see a massive transformation, both within and around us, they ponder the implications for human identity in an AI-driven world

Follow inner journey, to awaken intuition, manifesting happiness & success in life

In this webinar, Kunal Nandwani, founder of uTrade Solutions covers - How to connect with your inner self. Why is gut feeling important. How to access intuition and leverage infinite energy from the universe.

Evolution of human mind; consciousness and its impact on stock markets; psychology and Algo Trading

In this webinar, Kunal Nandwani, founder of uTrade Solutions answers- How does our mind work ? How do we get ideas ? How do we invest in stock markets ?

Consciousness in Startups

Kunal Nandwani, founder and CEO of uTrade Solutions delivered a keynote talk at CANNABLE 3.0 on consciousness in Startups. He emphasized on the importance of taking conscious decisions while running your startups.

What is Web 3.0

What is web 3.0 . Why it matters. When might we get there. How is it different from cryptos , blockchain, Metaverse etc. What are Web 3.0 challenges?

Masterclass | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

What is Bitcoin How it came into existence? Why is the price so volatile? And above all why do we need it? Hundreds of questions and one answer listen to “Masterclass on Cryptocurrency” by Kunal.

Consumerism: Is more always better?

Check out Kunal’s thoughts on why more is not always better, and why we need to start thinking about sustainability.

Spirituality and Consciousness

In this Video, Kunal talks about how to have inward journey and connect with oneself. He breaks down the process step-by step, giving you a roadmap on how to get started with the process of self-actualisation.

Creating Sustainable and Desirable Future

In this video, Kunal talks about what not to do and how to lead a sustainable life.You can find the transcript of his whole talk here.

Bitcoin, Blockchain and ICO's

In this Video, Kunal talks about Bitcoin, what it is, how did it start. How Blockchain works and how Kunal’s blockchain company Hashcove uses this technology to build identity management solutions.

Bloomberg's Rising Stars Segment

In this video Kunal talks about his story of how he created uTrade Solutions. This is an excerpt from the Bloomberg’s Rising Stars segment interview which aired on 19th November, 2015.

Future of Financial Services, Bitcoin and SME Investments

In this Video, Kunal talks about the role of monetary investments, opportunities, and the best time to invest. He also talks about why cryptocurrencies are the future money of India and more.

Fintech World and Regulation

In this video, Kunal talks about the Fintech World, Regulation in this space and creating a inclusive fintech space at the Emerging Fintech Conference, Delhi 2018

Ask Me Anything Session

In this AMA session, Kunal Nandwani of uTrade solutions talks about Impact of COVID-19 on various sectors and the way forward.

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