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Idea behind Startup Pundit

Over the last few years, I seeked advice and mentorship from various senior and kind leaders in the capital markets and technology industry. We were lucky that many super successful leaders were keen to help us in our startup journey. In the last couple of years, we noticed that several younger students who were trying to be entrepeneurs reached out to us looking for feedback and mentorship in their ventures. There issues varied from person to person and business to business, but we noticed many common themes,

  1. Is my idea good enough to become a successful business?

  2. Should I quit my job to start my own company? Can I do it part time?

  3. What if I fail?

  4. My parents and family tell me that I should continue with the safe large company’s job. How do I convince them otherwise?

  5. How to write a business plan?

  6. How do I get funding for my idea?

  7. How do I hire a team?

  8. How do I take my startup from an idea to a product to breakeven to scaled up business?

  9. Which technology stack should I use for my idea?

  10. What lifestyle I may expect once I become an entrepreneur?

While we don’t pretend we have all the answers. We have some experience in going through similar challenges ourself and have luckily come out of the tough first few years of a startup to a small tech business which can and is scaling. We believe we can help the entrepreneurs in making more informed deceisions, or at least focussing on the right issues. To begin with, we will conduct offline workshops (on Saturdays) for entrepreneurs with som experienced speakers guiding the audience. We will also conduct one o one sessions for your specific business too. This is a no profit initiative., funded by uTrade Solutions team. We welcome all mentors and mentees to participate and help grow the entrepreneurship awareness. We cant make successful entrepreneurs, but we can try to make them more aware and informed for sure. Please like the page, promote it, suggest how we can improve it and join in our events.

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