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Lessons Entrepreneurs can Learn from Kids

Adults are typically biased and afraid of more things than they need to be. Entrepreneurs can draw a lot of inspiration from the behavior and attitude of children. Kids are playful and are very open to trying things they have never tried before. if they see a bird they will try to chase and catch it, if they see a flower or a fruit on a tree, they try to climb it. They don’t think too much about what if they fall, how high is the tree, if they will get there or not, they just go for it.

Lesson: Give it your 100% to achieve your goals, let all the positive energy flow through and don’t worry too much about the failures. Kids learn very fast. They do not know much when they are born but then they learn how to speak, walk, play very quickly.

Entrepreneurs need to learn constantly as well. Kids do not stop if they lose; they get up quickly when they fall down.

Entrepreneurs also need to be willing to fail and keep trying. Do not be afraid of the risks.

Kids are innocent, open minded and honest. Many entrepreneurs and businessmen try to hide things and lie, which is not good. Transparency, straightforwardness and honesty are very admirable qualities of entrepreneurs; it helps them build better and stronger relationships with all stakeholders including their team, customers, partners, shareholders etc.

Kids are resourceful. If they want a toy or something, they know they need to convince their father or mother, or other relatives. They will try to communicate in any way they can, any way they think their parents may respond (even cry if required). And they try for a long period of time. This is a good lesson for how to deal differently with different people and being resourceful.

And the foremost lesson for the entrepreneurs, do whatever it takes. Kids do what they like doing, for example some kids like to play, some like to dance, some like to draw, etc. and they do not care too much what others think of them. Grown up adults care too much for other people’s opinions about them.

It’s useful to learn from kids that do what you enjoy doing. Kids tend to sleep longer hours, and play for most of the time. So their work life balance is excellent. Entrepreneurs can learn also to work hard and relax when they can.

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